In today’s connected, content-driven world, media & entertainment businesses face a continuous challenge to push the boundaries, create new opportunities, adapt swiftly to disruption and defend their rights. Thus, navigating the legal aspects of the entertainment industry, having experienced representation is paramount. I provide knowledgeable counsel to producers, financiers, talent, content creators and distributors to assist with their legal and business issues so that they can focus on content creation. I provide a variety of entertainment legal services in the areas of film/tv, music, publishing, production, Canadian content and production service agreements.

The services include but are not limited to:

Drafting and negotiating contracts and agreements
Advising on deal terms and structures
Assisting in dispute resolution
Counselling on international industry standards
Managing rights acquisitions
Production contracts
Music clearance
Provincial and federal tax credits
Structuring your production company
International and Canadian co-productions
Drafting co-development and provincial co-production agreements
Chain of title review
Option and literary purchase and life story agreement
Book publishing agreements
Errors and omissions insurance review